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Head Start Support Services for Health Services


Pregnancy Care

  • Pregnant Clients in Chicago land area receive home visits from a registered nurse during their pregnancies and after their babies are born.

  • Our nurses complete a prenatal assessment, nutrition education, labor, and family planning education. 

  • We also complete a postnatal visit check the health status of the new mothers and perform infant assessment on the babies while answering questions about health concerns or infant care​.

 Breastfeeding/Lactation Education

Breastfeeding education is offered to prenatal patients in their third trimester the month before they deliver.​ 

Our nurses perform the following functions:

  • Review health benefits of breastfeeding with pregnant women

  • Address myths associated with breastfeeding

  • Teach characteristics of breast milk vs. formula

  • Teach on feeding cues, positioning, supply and demand

  • Teach barriers to breastfeeding

  • What to expect in the first two weeks of breastfeeding

  • How to increase milk supply

  • How to help Mom determine if baby is getting enough milk, pumping and storing. 

  • Breastfeeding education is offered to prenatal patients in their third trimester the month before they deliver.  


Head Start and Early Head Start programs


  • We support and promote school readiness of children ages birth to five from low-income families.

  • We provide training and technical support to families and childcare centers towards the development of the children’s growth and development in a positive learning environment. 

  • We offer home-based and center services that through scheduled visits to children in their own home and work with the parent.


Early learning

Health Support:

  • Each child’s perceptual, motor, and physical development is supported to permit them to fully explore and function in their environment.

  • All children should receive health and development screenings, nutritious meals, oral health and mental health support.

  • Our program connect families with medical, dental, and mental health services to ensure that children are receiving the services they need.


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